Who is IBAA

IBAA was created by its Principal Ivan Bakin in 2005 to provide Australian families with first class insurance strategies to protect themselves against risk calamities. We are one of Aon Hewitt Financial Advice’s most highly respected advisor practices with a team of 4 plus an internal partnership with a financial planning and paraplanning team.

We pride ourselves on managing our client’s portfolios with the highest degree of service and expertise whether that client is based locally, interstate or even overseas.

One of our main focuses and specialties is to assist when required at claim time. We have a great rapport with our insurance providers and their claims teams whereby we have an excellent track record in assisting with great resolutions. Because it’s all about the claims.

Risk insurance is vastly different to buying other advice services. We are one of the only industries that do not charge our clients to help them in their most vulnerable time of their life – when they are disabled at claim time! We pride ourselves for being there for our client when they need us and spend as much time as necessary to help them through their wellbeing and their claims process. We chose to be paid for our time by insurers when the insurance policy was first taken out and we do not pass on any financial burden to our clients at claim time, regardless of how long it takes.

Ivan Bakin and Associates Pty Ltd was formed in 2005 with the original principal (Ivan Bakin) being in the insurance industry since 1993 who has been recognised with a number of awards for excellence.

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