What Are Your Fees

The good news is we do not charge you for our time for a personal plan!

In preparing for a personal plan, we aim to tailor your risk insurances to suit your individual needs and budget. We review each of the 17 insurance companies on the market on your behalf and find the most suitable plan for you. The information is gathered from you in the form of a Fact Finder and we provide a Statement of Advice.

Once an application has been sent to the insurance company our back office will not only administer the plans but perform any negotiation and tasks on your behalf. As you can appreciate even a simple plan expends a lot of resources.

Two choices we have are to charge our clients for our advice and preparation of our plans and take fees from the insurance companies. The other choice is to solely get remunerated by the insurer. We have chosen to provide a service which you do not pay for directly as it is built into the cost of your insurance. Generally the cost of your insurance would be the same whether you went direct or via ourselves (most companies do not allow you to obtain a fully comprehensive insurance policy by going direct – nor do they have the resources to offer individualized service).

In essence, we recuperate our costs via the insurance company by the products you chose. Following this we also work on your behalf for any claims issues you may need or administration tasks you may require – all at no additional cost to you.” We know that a claim can be complex and stressful to deal with and it’s therefore important to have both expertise and experience on your side. Over the years we’ve developed a very open rapport with each claims department and may also seek assistance from Aon Hewitt Financial Advice in the event that a claim needed further attention.

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