Save 24% or more on your Life and TPD insurance

Did you know that many Australians are unaware of the savings they achieve on their insurances?

When you pay for your insurance cover through your superannuation fund;

  • When you pay for your insurance cover through your superannuation fund they will receive a 15% tax deduction, which it then passes onto you as a 15% discount.
  • A discount between 6 – 9% can also be achieved as your superannuation fund pays your insurance premium yearly instead of monthly.
  • Depending on your height and weight an additional 7.5% discount may be applied.
  • Additional tax benefits could be available as you would not be paying from your after tax income.

Using your superannuation to pay for your insurance will reduce the amount of income you will have at retirement.


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Or self quote noting if you use your super fund the premiums are generally 15% cheaper than quoted. If you provide your email and contact details we will then email you the discounted premium (hyperlink to the quote section).

Why call us

  • We do not charge you for our services and there is no extra premium built into the cost of your insurances. In fact, we always aim to find more ways to save you money.
  • The premiums that we find for you are the same premiums that the insurer charges so there is no discount in going direct to them.
  • You will speak to a dedicated staff member who has been in the same seat for over 24 years; you are not at the mercy of speaking to a new person every time you call.
  • We are here to help at any time, even in the unfortunate event you would have to claim on your insurance policy.
    It’s important to review your insurance cover regularly as both the cover provided and the cost associated with insurance changes over time, you could subsequently be paying too much for the wrong cover.
This information may be regarded as general advice. 
That is, your personal objectives, needs or financial situations were not taken into account
when preparing this information. 
Accordingly, you should consider the appropriateness of any general advice we have given you,
having regard to your own objectives, financial situation 
and needs before acting on it.

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