Firstly, don’t panic, go to your doctor

It seems silly, but many people don’t seek immediate medical advice. They wait some time [often in pain] thinking their “condition” will go away.

Don’t delay. Go to your doctor and if your condition warrants it, treatment for it will start immediately. It will also be on record that your condition exists.

  • Then ring our office
  • Tell us what has happened. We will then advise you accordingly. We will arrange for the appropriate forms to be sent you, by post the same day (the forms are for you and your doctor to complete).
  • When you get the form, if you have any problems or concerns just telephone us and we will help you.


  • Once the form is completed – return it to us to keep a copy and we will forward it to the insurance company on your behalf and keep an eye on it.

The insurance company will process your claim form and notify you directly if any additional information is required.

After the insurance company has the information it requires, your claim payments will commence after your waiting period has expired. Most plans pay monthly in arrears. As an example if you have a 30 day wait your first cheque will not come until after day 60 being 30 days in arrears. It will then flow month by month

  • Once a month, you will be asked to provide the insurance company with a certificate confirming your disability, so that your payments may continue.

When you recover and return to work, you may be entitled to “partial” benefits, if you start on light duties and there is a reduction in your pre-disability income. You may need some help with this, and we’ll provide it. Also you’ll receive a payment for any additional days that you were still disabled after your last benefit payment was paid.

In the event of a claim, contact us and we will help guide you through the claims process.


…if you have not met your waiting period choice. There are instances where you may be paid without the waiting period applying for example –

  • If you are hospitalised during your waiting period.
  • If you have had a Specific Injury – broken arm, collarbone etc.
  • If you have had a Specific Medical Condition e.g. heart attack or stroke etc.

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